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Which of the F.D.R. Wannabes Actually Understands New Deal Liberalism?

by Jonathan Atler

Suddenly, Franklin D. Roosevelt is all the rage. But many Democrats don’t understand what his legacy means.


‘Never again’ means nothing if Holocaust analogies are always off limits

by Danya Ruttenberg

Yes, every situation is different. That doesn’t mean we can’t compare them.



Whatever Happened to Moral Capitalism?

by Michael Kazin

Let one loyal, if anxious, Democrat offer a solution: “moral capitalism,” a system that, in the words of Congressman Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts, would be “judged not by how much it produces, but how broadly it empowers, backed by a government unafraid to set the conditions for fair and just markets.”



The Closure

by Brendan O'Malley

What happens when the college you work for closes? A first-hand account of the state of higher education.



Black People’s Land Was Stolen

by Andrew W. Kahrl

In addition to invoking the 40 acres black people never got, the reparations movement today should be talking about the approximately 11 million acres black people had but lost, in many cases through fraud, deception and outright theft, much of it taken in the past 50 years.



Boston’s Black History is American History

by Kevin Levin

We still have a ways to go in reaching beyond the traditional narrative of history in Boston and beyond.



What South Africa Can Teach Us About Reparation

by Ereshnee Naidu-Silverman

Reparations can work, but only if we start telling the truth about racism and slavery.



The war on journalism is a war on the humanities

by Monika Eisenhauer

"The intention of historical science is to write the history of people and societies as objectively as possible. For this purpose it needs free and unrestricted access to the sources."



The Anti-Abortion Politics of White Women

by Jacqueline Mercier Allain

The reality is that women—white women in particular—are among today’s anti-choice movers and shakers. 


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