Heather Cox Richardson on How History Informs The Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives could push for depositions to begin this week as Congress considers whether to impeach President Trump.

Trump is far from the first president to face calls for impeachment.

Boston College American history professor Heather Cox Richardson and Boston University associate professor of social sciences Thomas Whalen joined us to discuss what we could learn about impeachment proceedings in the past.

On what make this impeachment inquiry unique

Heather Cox Richardson: That political answer to the problem of having somebody in office who shouldn't be is a reflection of a time when politicians did not have any concept of political parties. In this moment, we are seeing Republican leaders standing behind what, on their face, is impeachable behavior and saying, "No, this is not what's really happening." And I just don't think we have seen that.

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