• Maurice Berger (1957–2020)

    Critic, curator, and cultural historian Maurice Berger, whose work examined the role of race in visual culture, has died of complications related to the novel coronavirus.

  • A Fresh Take on the Mayflower’s History

    “We are changing the narrative at this moment in history,” said Michele Pecoraro, executive director of Plymouth 400. Today, she said, “it is all about a shared history among four nations, that looks at it from that perspective probably for the first time. The Wampanoag involvement is a first. The Netherlands involvement is a first. Those added perspectives offer more of a balanced picture.”

  • 3D Technologies for Accessibility in Museums

    by Carolyn Dillian and Katie Stringer Clary

    We wanted to create an exhibit that was tactile, using 3D technologies, because almost everyone wants to touch when they go in the museum.

  • Colombia’s conflict spills over to museum of memory

    “What’s at stake is potentially losing the opportunity for the museum to be another instrument through which to build peace in Colombia,” said Rafael Tamayo, an academic who until recently served as the museum’s leader.

  • A Museum For The People: Anacostia Community Museum

    by Laura Gonzalez

    A "Museum For The People" symposium was organized by the Anacostia Community Museum to discuss how museums and community orgs can create inclusive spaces for dialogue, action, collaboration, and reflection.