presidential history

  • ‘How Did We Get Here?’ Review: Why Presidents Win

    In reviewing Robert Dallek's recent book, Robert Merry argues that the writer short-changes the agency of voters and the significance of the basic political and economic conditions in determining who wins a presidential election. 

  • Trump and Lincoln Are Opposite Kinds of Presidents

    When historians rank the worst presidents in American history, indecision and inaction in the face of crisis are common attributes. Until now, most of the worst served before or after the Civil War.

  • Henry F. Graff, Columbia Historian of Presidents, Dies at 98

    An author of 12 books and countless articles and a regular contributor to The New York Times Book Review, Professor Henry Graff was best known as a keen observer of the men who occupied the White House — 17 of whom presided during his lifetime.

  • The Ditherer-in-Chief

    by Edward J. Larson

    Previous presidents have cemented their legacies by acting decisively in times of crisis. Trump… not so much.

  • The Worst President. Ever.

    Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis has cemented him as the worst president in American history, argues historian Max Boot.