academic freedom

  • Fired for Tweeting?

    "In a written statement to The Chronicle, Burnett said, “Collin College is a government organization that has unconstitutionally sought to punish me for my speech as a private citizen." 

  • The Campaign to Cancel Wokeness

    Columnist Michelle Goldberg examines the roots of the academic Critical Race Theory movement, and concludes that while its practitioners are sometimes willing to prioritize justice over free speech, the right today simply wants to suppress ideas it fears.

  • Higher Ed’s Misguided Purging of Trump Supporters

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    "The real threat isn’t a horde of evil Trumpers clamoring at our gates. It’s our quest to root out the enemies of democracy, which never ends well for the university."

  • Emmanuel Macron’s Socially Constructed Bogeymen

    by Daniel W. Drezner

    What, exactly, "Islamo-leftism" is, and what relationship it could possibly have to American academic theories, are two big questions left unanswered by the French President's attacks on academic ideas. 

  • Open Season on the Faculty

    Despite evidence that liberal indoctrination in classrooms is rare, state legislatures are proceeding with bills that would restrict professors' freedom to teach some subjects and in the case of Iowa to survey the political affiliations of faculty at state institutions. 

  • AHA Issues Letter Expressing Concern Regarding Termination of History Professor (December 2020)

    The AHA sent a letter to the chancellor and provost of the University of Mississippi expressing concern about the university’s decision not to renew the contract of Garrett Felber, assistant professor of history, and the possibility that Professor Felber’s activism relating to racism and incarceration might have affected a decision on his employment status.

  • FIRE Open Letter to the University of Mississippi, 12/18/2020

    The nonpartisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education asks University of Mississippi Chancellor Glenn Boyce to reevaluate the decision to end Professor Garrett Felber's employment, raising the possibility that the decision was related to Felber's criticism of the university. 

  • His University Celebrated His Success. Then It Fired Him

    Historian Walter Johnson says the Garrett Felber controvery at the University of Mississippi reflects the fact that “there are a lot of energetic, critical activists, students and faculty on that campus, who are trying to hold the university to a different standard than that which it’s been held to before.” 

  • Outspoken Out of a Job?

    Scholars pledge not to speak at University of Mississippi until it reinstates a colleague who publicly questioned why his chair rejected a grant, allegedly for political reasons.