African American history

  • Hank Aaron's 715th, Called by Vin Scully

    The baseball Hall of Famer and one-time home run leader died at age 86 on January 22. Here, watch his record-breaking 715th home run, as announced by broadcasting legend Vin Scully.

  • Warnock’s Election Reminds Us that Black Churches are Vital to Democratic Success

    by Robert Greene II

    Democratic politicians must recognize the historical role of Black churches not just as gathering places where visiting politicians may speak to voters, but as organizing spaces where political agendas are formed. Dems who wish to emulate Rev. Warnock's victory need to embrace Black churches in a deep way.

  • Georgia’s New Senators will Write the Next Chapter in Black-Jewish Relations

    by Jeff Melnick

    The history of the Leo Frank trial and lynching shows that, while both groups have faced prejudice and discrimination, "the glory of Black-Jewish relations has always been more aspirational than achieved." Georgia's two new senators have a chance to advance a coalition for progress and equity.

  • The ‘Whitewashing’ of Black Wall Street

    Black business owners in the Greenwood district of Tulsa argue that the city's redevelopment plans for the area will erase the history of the 1921 race massacre, even as that history has begun to be recovered. 

  • We Need a Second Great Migration

    by Charles M. Blow

    Times Columnist Charles Blow relocated from New York to Atlanta and says that American democracy would be healthier if younger African Americans migrated en masse to the South. 

  • The Hidden History of the First Black Women to Serve in the U.S. Navy

    The first cohort of Black women to serve in the US Navy were enlisted as reservists to fill shortages in the service's clerical workforce. At the time, the nation's climate of racism forced them to keep a low profile. A researcher compiling a book about the "Golden Fourteen" mined family history to learn about their service. 

  • M.L.B. Will Add Negro Leagues to Official Records

    Major League Baseball will include player statistics from the seven African American baseball leagues operating between 1920 and 1948 in the major league record books in recognition of the quality of play and the opportunity denied the best Black players in the game's segregated era.