teaching history

  • Graduate Students: NOT THE WORST

    by Michelle Nickerson

    A history professor celebrates her graduate students' idiosyncrasies and their outstanding work under duress as redemption for a calamitous semester.

  • Brave New Classroom: Lessons from the First Six Weeks

    by Hannah Leffingwell

    This crisis has pulled the ground out from under us all—professors, researchers, doctoral students, and undergraduates alike. But in truth, the weak spots revealed through this crisis have long existed.

  • A Response to "Alternate" Explanations

    by L.D. Burnett

    How should a professor respond to a student's journaling project if it reflects unfounded conspiracy theories about Covid-19? 

  • April is the Cruelest Month: Teaching History Now

    by Carolyn Eisenberg

    History teachers have two urgent challenges: helping their students cope with this crisis, and helping them understand the society that created it. Neither allows teaching as usual.

  • Use What You Know: Online Teaching Tools

    by Kevin Gannon

    Many historians have already been doing this kind of teaching online, so there might not be the need for you to re-discover fire.

  • History Holds Steady

    Field's faculty jobs outlook was constant last year after years of disappearing positions.