World War 2

  • ‘One Man, and One Man Alone’: Mussolini’s War

    by John Gooch

    Mussolini acted on the spur of the moment, always sensitive to the need to be seen as Hitler’s equal.  Rarely did anyone ever try to talk him out of a chosen course, and when they did so they failed.  You couldn’t reason with him.

  • Fraught Family Reunification After the Holocaust

    by Rebecca Clifford

    "A tenth of Europe's pre-war population of Jewish children survived the Holocaust. Many sought and achieved reunification with their families, but reunification did not usually end the trauma endured by this "fragment of an entire generation."

  • Making History with Music

    by Jason Burt

    PFC Richard Burt played the trumpet in a military band tasked with raising morale in the fight to retake the Philippines before a career as a music teacher. His grandson, a history teacher, wants to make him and his bandmates posthumous recording stars.

  • In 2020, Eisenhower is a Lantern in the Dark

    by Derek Chollet

    The opening of a monument to Ike in Washington is occasion to remember his commitment to the idea that American national strength depended on internal harmony and justice. 

  • ‘JFK,’ by Fredrik Logevall: An Excerpt

    Read an excerpt from Fredrik Logevall's new biography of John F. Kennedy touching on the collegiate Kennedy's observations of Europe as World War II began.

  • Rosie the Riveters gathered on Labor Day to Honor the Working Women of WWII

    "The Rosies and veterans then told stories from the front lines. One Rosie said she was shocked at the idea of wearing pants to work. A veteran recalled being shot down from the sky in northern Italy and receiving notes from Rosies back home full of profanities toward Hitler."

  • We Are Still Living the Legacy of World War II

    by Tom Hanks

    The actor Tom Hanks reflects on the false narrative of closure of World War II. The forces unleashed by war and the struggle to reshape the world resonate today. 

  • Is Gen Z Like the World War II Generation?

    by John R. Bawden

    It's necessary to go back to the time of the Great Depression, rationing and wartime austerity to see a generational experience like that of Gen Z. Will this formative time lead to a future of political consensus and social solidarity? 

  • Was there a Third A-Bomb? A Fourth? A Fifth?

    by Don Farrell

    Japan's surrender makes the question a matter of speculation, but the history of military facilties built on Tinian in the Mariana Islands suggests that American military leadership was preparing to assemble many more atomic bombs should the Pacific war have continued. 

  • The Other Western Front

    by Aimee Liu

    Historical novelist Aimee Liu uncovered the history of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, the western front of the Pacific theater in World War II, in the course of plotting her new novel "Glorious Boy."